Employing only wet felting techniques, I create pictures, vases, coats, cards, jewellery and much more.
Using predominantly merino wool for its softness and excellent felting properties, I then add silk fibre and handspun silk and woollen yarns to add texture and depth to the surface of my designs – only then can I begin the wet part of the process. The pieces are worked flat to preserve the pattern and felted entirely by hand.
There is no stitching and no needle felting involved in the structure of my pieces, although occasionally I may use embroidery stitches to decorate the finished article.
Pictures and wall-hangings can be framed in deep box frames or simply mounted on plywood, each method giving surprisingly different results.  My subject matter ranges from detailed landscapes through flower meadows to colourful chickens and fish.
Felt Vases all have glass liners, making them not just decorative, but useful too.
Felt bowls and vessels are brightly coloured, with contrasting inners.  Use them for keys, pens, sweeties or just enjoy them empty.
The jewellery range combines almost weightless chunky felt balls with buttons, pebbles and semi-precious stone beads to create big, bold, colourful necklaces, brooches andearrings.
I  love working to commission – it so often allows me to visit places or research subjects that are new to me; to use colourways that may not be my first choice; to find new ways of working – not to mention meeting lovely people.    I always come away from a successful commission feeling enriched by the experience and buzzing with ideas for new work.